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YANMAR’s Energy Systems division began operation in 1984, and today has installed more than 375,000 Combined Heat and Power (CHP or cogeneration) and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Natural Gas Heat Pump systems worldwide. Using a YANMAR-designed, lean-burn Miller Cycle Gas Engine, which was developed from the company’s world-class diesel engine technology, these environmentally friendly systems are designed for reliability, efficiency, energy conservation, comfort and long-term savings.

Variable Refrigerant Flow

Using a natural gas-powered engine to drive dual scroll compressors, YANMAR’s Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Heat Pump maintains heating performance by capturing heat off the unit’s engine to increase efficiency.


Combined Heat and Power

YANMAR’s Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system uses an internal combustion engine, powered by clean natural gas, to produce both heat and electric power. Save on bills and protect the environment!

“I have it right on the side of my trucks: a payback of about five to seven years. For those CHP projects where the numbers work, it’s hard to say no.”
– Kent Thuesen | Owner, Thuesen Mechanical


With YANMAR systems, efficiency comes naturally. That’s because our innovations are driven by a desire to create more eco-efficient, life-sustaining technology. This is demonstrated across many of our solutions:

CHP Systems: Distributed generation micro CHP systems are able to generate the right amount of power at the right time, making them much more efficient than the electrical grid. YANMAR micro CHP units also produce less carbon dioxide, nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide emissions than typical grid power generation plants.

Variable Refrigerant Flow Natural Gas Heat Pump Systems: Switching from electric driven heat pumps to YANMAR’s high efficiency Variable Refrigerant Flow natural gas-driven heat pumps reduces electrical load by approximately 90%. These units effectively lower peak demand for electrical power during the summer air conditioning season.

Power Generation Systems: YANMAR’s power generation systems maintain the supply of electricity during grid power failures, ensuring that emergency equipment, mission critical systems and hardware continue to operate.

Drive Systems: YANMAR Pump Drive Systems are used in storage and drainage pump facilities, as well as irrigation applications in large and small scale waterworks systems.

Photovoltaic Systems: YANMAR works collaboratively to integrate highly efficient micro CHP (cogeneration), gas heat pump and emergency power generation products combined together with solar products to provide higher efficiency total energy systems.

Remote Monitoring Systems: YANMAR enhances the precision and reliability of maintenance support services through the integration of YANMAR’s Remote Monitoring System and certified dealer network.


Our gas engines have been the core of our technology for more than 30 years, and installed in more than 300,000 CHP and VRF applications across the globe. Because the engines were developed from our already world-class diesel engine technology, they are designed to last with the longest maintenance interval in the industry at 10,000 hours for CHP.

Well before green initiatives were mainstream, we were dedicated to developing environmentally-friendly products. Our passion for more earth-friendly technology started with our founder. Magokichi Yamaoka was committed to reducing fuel waste and creating products that could lead to a better world.

YANMAR’s reliability stems from the core technologies that drive our systems. The primary component of the YANMAR CHP and VRF systems is our YANMAR-designed, lean-burn Miller Cycle Gas Engine. The lean-burn system optimizes ignition timing and matches the excess air intake, reducing NOx emissions and creating low fuel consumption.

For CHP, the engine adds to the unit’s operating efficiency by offering a 10,000 hour maintenance interval, which is the longest in the industry.

In VRF systems, the compressor is driven by natural gas instead of electricity. This leads to a 90% reduction in electric consumption for the total heat pump system. VRF also uses exhaust heat from the gas engine to maintain indoor comfort levels regardless of the outdoor temperature.

YANMAR products are engineered for specific applications. We have manufactured more than 250,000 gas engines for use in Energy Systems products and more than 15 million diesel engines ranging from 4.5 to 5,000 horsepower. In fact, more than 1 million YANMAR engines power some of North America’s leading-edge mobile and stationary off-highway equipment. We design critical components for engines together because components that are made together work better together. By controlling the process from design to manufacture to end application, we create greater efficiency and reliability.

Our Authorized Service Dealer Network consists of dealers focused on providing excellent customer service. We fully support our dealers with incentives for demonstrating higher levels of technical proficiency, and we continually encourage them to make critical evaluations and upgrade service capabilities in all areas. For this reason, you can have complete confidence in the work performed.

Our strength comes in large part from being privately owned and family-run since 1912. This has provided a foundation that has helped us to remain focused on our vision, while growing our business across the globe. As we have expanded, we have invested in placing the right people in each market. We employ more than 16,000 people in more than 17 different countries with an even more expansive support and service network of distributors and dealers. Our current product offerings not only include Energy Systems, but also industrial diesel engines for off-road applications, marine diesel engines for pleasure and commercial applications, agricultural equipment and compact construction equipment.