YANMAR’s Energy Systems division began operation in 1984, and today has installed more than 375,000
Combined Heat and Power (CHP or cogeneration) and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)
Natural Gas Heat Pump systems worldwide.

Using a YANMAR-designed, lean-burn Miller Cycle Gas Engine, these environmentally friendly systems are designed
for reliability, efficiency, energy conservation, comfort, and long-term savings.

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Combined Heat and Power

YANMAR’s Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system uses an internal combustion engine, powered by clean natural gas, to produce both heat and electric power. Save on bills and protect the environment!


Variable Refrigerant Flow

Using a natural gas-powered engine to drive dual scroll compressors, YANMAR’s Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Heat Pump maintains heating performance by capturing heat off the unit’s engine to increase efficiency.


Why Yanmar?

With Yanmar systems, efficiency comes naturally. That’s because our innovations are driven by a desire to create more eco-efficient, life-sustaining technology. This is demonstrated across many of our solutions:

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I have it right on the side of my trucks: a payback of about five to seven years. For those CHP projects where the numbers work, it’s hard to say no.Kent Thuesen, Owner - Thuesen Mechanical