How does CHP work?

Why YANMAR CHP energy units?


As electric prices continue to increase, you can benefit from significant utility bill cost savings by switching to abundant natural gas or propane.


By using a YANMAR CHP system as your primary power source, you are no longer solely reliant on the grid for your company’s viability or personal comfort. You now have the option to have power when the grid fails or in remote areas not currently served.

Environmentally Friendly

By using energy efficiently, your carbon footprint can be reduced by as much as 50% over conventional means. According to U.S. EPA CHP Partnership calculations, a YANMAR 10kW CHP heat and power system can reduce enough greenhouse gases to offset the carbon footprint of seven cars on U.S. roads.


With YANMAR CHP’s blackout start option, you can ensure your heat and electricity remain uninterrupted even during a blackout. High efficiency inverters convert YANMAR CHP’s generated electrical output into DC voltage and frequency with built-in protection and a synchronization device required for grid interconnections.

Easy to Install

YANMAR’s comprehensive technical training curriculum develops certified technicians prepared in all phases of design, installation, commissioning and service.

Energy Efficient

By utilizing a highly efficient engine and capturing nearly all of the remaining energy as heat, the heat and power producing YANMAR CHP system can be up to 2.6 times as efficient as your current centralized power.


YANMAR CHP Units are reliably quiet.

Case Studies 

From residential apartment complexes to luxury private homes, ski resorts to water parks. Check out the many installation examples provided for Yanmar CHP energy units.


Where can I use Yanmar CHP energy units?

CHP technology can be used in almost every state, though the technology is mainly found in areas with high concentrations of commercial activity, high electricity prices, and energy policies that favor Combined Heat and Power. CHP is ideally suited for facilities that have a high demand for heat (a high thermal load) and in areas where electricity costs more than $0.10 per kilowatt-hour.

However, even in less-urban areas where power loss is a greater concern, there are no worries with YANMAR’s CHP technology. Because even in the case of electricity loss, our machines are black start capable – without access to a power grid they switch seamlessly to natural gas and provide their own power. Who needs a grid with all that power already right at your fingertips?