Esther Barazzone Center | Chatham University

posted on Monday, March 15, 2021 in CHP Case Studies

“The YANMAR CHP systems offer remarkably quiet operation, and are well designed. In the first year of operation, we have not experienced any operational issues.” – Jim Chorba | TUDI Mechanical Systems

Project Overview

The Esther Barazzone Center is the Commons Center for the Eden Hall Campus of Chatham University. Designed as a “living learning laboratory” this campus is intended to house and feed 1,500 students all while emitting zero carbon emissions and producing more energy than it consumes. The Esther Barazzone Center spans 23,000 square feet and two floors, and is a multi-purpose space, including a commercial and teaching kitchen, dining hall, classroom and root cellar.

Reason for Choosing YANMAR

Eden Hall already had several sustainable initiatives in place, including 100% inductive heating recycled through a heat loop, as well as solar panels. However, the campus was designed to be completely net zero electric, and there was a shortfall in electric production as the project developed.

YANMAR’s two 10 kW Combined Heat and Power units powered by natural gas provided an efficient, sustainable solution to meet the campus’ electrical and heating needs. YANMAR’s CHP systems are up to 2.6 times as efficient as centralized power, while also offering up to a 50% reduction in carbon footprint.


The CHP unit provides consistently reliable operation with an average use of 670 hours per month, and no downtime. The project successfully demonstrates the application of YANMAR’s CHP systems in a mixed-use building. The unit has delivered on its promise of consistent operation, and high heat and electrical efficiency.

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