Family Apartments | Mississauga, ON

posted on Monday, March 15, 2021 in CHP Case Studies

“We just completed our first maintenance after running the YANMAR CHP system for 10 months straight. Our electric bill has been significantly reduced since installing YANMAR’s 35 kW unit, and we are very happy with the savings.” – Property Owner

Project Overview

This facility is an 11-story family-friendly apartment building located in Mississauga, Ontario. The building consists of multiple one and two-bedroom apartments for rent and is serviced by a centralized boiler system for building heating. DBS installed one 35 kW Yanmar combined heat and power (CHP) system to provide both useful heat and power to the building’s residences.

Reason for Choosing Yanmar

As a multi-family apartment building, the property owner wanted a system that would save operating costs, while also providing reliable, efficient operation. Yanmar’s CP35D1-TNUG unit is able to produce 204,040 BTUs of heat per hour and 35 kW of electricity on-site using a natural gas engine.

The system operates with an overall efficiency of 88% and a noise rating of 62 dB(A) from three feet, which means there is no disturbance to the building’s residents. Plus, the system is able to modulate to match the building’s load, which is typically lower during nighttime hours and the shoulder season.

In addition, the Yanmar system also provides consistent operation with a 7,500-hour maintenance interval and 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities for faster unit servicing by their local dealer, DBS (


  • The CP35D1 has resulted in an average monthly savings of $2,400 by switching to natural gas-driven electric and heat production. Total savings for March through October 2018 is over $16,500.
  • The unit has provided consistently reliable operation with an average of 725 operation hours per month.

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