Adairsville City Hall | Adairsville, GA

posted on Monday, March 15, 2021 in VRF Case Studies

“We are proud to be the first government building in the United States operating with YANMAR VRF. YANMAR worked alongside our engineering firm to ensure a seamless installation process that was on schedule and on budget.” – Pam Madison | City Manager for Adairsville City Hall

Project Overview

The remodeled 5,200 square foot Adairsville City Hall building features a three bay utility collection area, City Council chamber area and 11 offices. YANMAR America installed a 16 RT, 3-pipe unit outside the building; accompanying indoor unit and accessory installations included 4 four-way ceiling cassettes, 10 ceiling duct types with matching duct work, 9 three-pipe selector boxes, 1 central controller, 1 remote monitoring adaptor and 3 communication adaptors.

Reason for Choosing YANMAR

When starting the remodeling process for the City Hall building, which was damaged in 2013 during a tornado, the city of Adairsville knew they wanted a heating and cooling solution that was customizable to suit their needs and that would reduce their operating costs.

After meeting with YANMAR America, the City of Adairsville chose to install a demonstration Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) natural gas heat pump system at their site because it was able to meet all of their requirements, and it was a way for them to support a local business and economy, since YANMAR America has its regional headquarters in the same city.

Important factors leading to the city’s decision were that the system is able to run 100% of the facility’s heating and cooling needs, it is able to be controlled remotely and the city now has the option to turn off heating and cooling in unoccupied areas to reduce operating costs. Plus, environmentally, the unit will reduce Adairsville City Hall’s carbon footprint by reducing its emissions by up to 30%.


  • Reduced electrical consumption for cooling the building by approximately 90% by switching to a natural-gas driven YANMAR engine.
  • Individual thermostat control for each room of the building allows occupants to choose their own temperature levels. This also makes it possible to change or turn off conditioned air in unoccupied areas of the building, further reducing operating costs.
  • YANMAR’s heat recovery (three-pipe) VRF system provides simultaneous heating and cooling in different zones of the building to satisfy each occupant’s needs

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