posted on Monday, March 15, 2021 in VRF Case Studies

We are proud to have installed YANMAR’s VRF systems for our manufacturing expansion. The systems provide comfortable cooling, which creates a better working environment for our team members, while also reducing our operating costs.” – Norifumi Taniguchi | President, Toyotestu Canada

Project Overview

Toyotestu Canada is an automotive parts manufacturer based in Ontario. The company decided to install 7 of YANMAR’s 14-ton natural gas-powered VRF gas heat pumps along with 16 indoor units in a recent expansion of their manufacturing facility. The project was supported by YANMAR’s distributor, Toyota Tsusho Canada, Inc.

Reason for Choosing YANMAR

Toyotetsu Canada had originally selected electric heat pump equipment for their new manufacturing facility expansion. However, the electric system needed long ducts, which were costly, in addition to the expected high electric operating costs.

After working with Toyota Tsusho Canada, they choose to install YANMAR’s natural gas VRF system, which uses much smaller, less expensive refrigerant piping. In addition, since the system is powered by natural gas, the company was able to reduce their operation costs even during a production increase.

The company also has a very strong environmental policy, so reducing their carbon footprint through the use of natural gas, which produces lower emissions, was very attractive to them.

And, by installing remote monitoring, the customer can continue to focus on production with peace of mind that their system is being monitored and that any issues will be resolved quickly.


  • Reduced electrical consumption for heating and cooling the building by half by switching to a natural-gas driven YANMAR engine from an electric-based system.
  • Average savings of CAD 1,000 per unit over the first three months of operation.
  • By using natural gas as an energy source, the building produces lower amounts of harmful emissions than traditional heating and cooling equipment

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