Weaver Heating and Air & YANMAR Energy Systems

posted on Monday, July 8, 2024 in VRF Case Studies

Project Overview

YANMAR was invited to attend a meeting with our dealer, Weaver Heating and Air, at a large training facility in Georgia. We were able to introduce the YANMAR VRF products to Weaver’s customers. Which allowed us to offer a better solution than just replacing the rooftop units.

The customer ultimately chose the YANMAR system as it would give them more control over the spaces utilized for training, and the operational cost savings that were projected. YANMAR VRF provided the zoning for 13 different zones, that was needed for the facility, and lower operating costs.

In the fall of 2019, the units were commissioned. There were five of the NFZP168J, 14-ton heat recovery units, and one NNCP144J, a 12-ton heat pump. We also added an iTM for centralized control for the facility manager to allow control from afar.

After the first year of operation, the YANMAR VRF systems exceeded expectations regarding the operational savings. Reported to us from the customer, estimated savings are 39% annually compared to the older rooftop equipment.

Reasons For Choosing YANMAR

YANMAR CHP and VRF/GHP was selected for the energy savings possibilities. The VRF/GHP system would reduce peak electric demand and increase heating efficiency. YANMAR CHP offered the ability to provide electricity, while also providing the hot water for the pool and showers. The system was integrated with a backup generator, battery, PK high efficiency boiler, building controls and solar. 

YANMAR America Energy Systems in the North, Central and South American headquarters for the company’s Variable Refrigerant Flow and Combined Heat and Power systems. Our team and products are focused on sustainability, reliability, and efficiency. 

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